Wool Fibres: baby-Alpaca & Llama wool

Each season, we design a special collection in Baby Alpaca Wool and Llama Wool or Llama Wool/Silk.

These wool fibers are known for their softness, warmth, and light weight. They contain no lanolin, which is what makes sheep wool itchy. No lanolin means allergy friendliness for your skin.

The wool fibers come from alpacas and llamas in Bolivia and Peru. The alpacas and llamas live 4,000 meters above sea level in the unspoiled Andes Mountains, making fibers as close to naturally organic as can be.

The Alpaca wool we use for our sweaters is called Baby Alpaca. Alpaca wool is divided into four categories of quality – the finest and softest selection is what they call Baby Alpaca.

Llamas are a little bit larger than alpacas, and their wool can be a bit rougher. This is the reason that Llama wool used is dehaired, meaning that all the rough fibers from the wool is "combed” away, leaving the softest and lightest fibers for the spinning of the yarn.

In these wools, we often use melange colour blending to get rich colours.

The sweaters are semi-handknitted or handknitted in La Paz, Bolivia by women and men who are all knitters by family tradition. They knit in their homes, often in groups, while taking care of their children.

The knitters are carefully taught the patterns and styles, and they are quality checked by a fair-trade certified company with a team of Bolivian women.

To preserve the wool’s softness and quality, we recommend airing or gentle cold hand wash.